The Merilyn Phillips story so far…

Please read:

I think a paragraph talking about when/where Merilyn Phillips began, possibly even the year you established the business. Some blurb about the fact it’s a family business and we can name the members of family involved - Merilyn, Amy, Suzanne, Johny.

I’d like to also talk about the other people who make Merilyn Phillips the business it is. So the other designers, the fitters, the electricians, the plumbers and anybody else. Ideally, on my next trip down I’d like to create some black and white portraits of each member of the team - nothing too formal, just casual, relaxed and informal. I want people visiting the site to see who is behind the business, who makes the installations happen and come to life. I also want to create the feeling that their design is in safe hands and that each person is an expert in their field. Something to that effect.